Monday, February 22, 2010

Pictures Of Penuses And Viginas Does Anybody Have Pictures Of The Drexel Honors College Dorms?

Does anybody have pictures of the Drexel honors college dorms? - pictures of penuses and viginas

I am thinking seriously about attending Drexel in the next year, and wondered if anyone have pictures of the rooms, the Honors College had. I think they are in the new glass building (not) remember the name.
Even if someone in the Honors College, the scene of the game, which is what?

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  1. You mean the Millennium Hall, located on the 34th Street, 1 / 2 blocks south of Powelton Ave. Yes, the glass and looks like a spaceship.

    I went to Drexel and was excellent. You would be surprised that many honors children's play harder than the rest of the school because they learn faster and had more free time.

    However, Drexel is certainly not a party school. Students do not deal with co-op classes very seriously, and for the semester and the people really have a definitive learning activities. At the same time, Drexel is a joke being. With access to Philadelphia and that the massive number of students at City University is one of the best places I know are spending their study time.

    Good luck.